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Bliss Yoga + Dance + Meditation...
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Flows at your convenience!
Learn more about Bliss Yoga+ offerings
and read some client testimonials...

Hatha/Flow/Yin/Yang Yoga

   Weekly Bliss Yoga Classes

Weekly Yoga Classes -
Hatha/Flow/Yin/Yang Yoga

Irena creates an eclectic, nurturing and therapeutic blend of yin and yang energies in the yoga class, to support expansion, letting go and clearing of the body and mind.

See current schedule of Bliss Yoga Classes/Sessions.

Private (& Skype) Bliss Yoga : )

Private & Group Yoga Sessions
Enjoy Bliss Yoga, Meditation, Natural Movement/Dance and more in the privacy of your own home.

I am happy to offer Private (in-person) and Skype Sessions for Bliss clients seeking more personal attention and development in: meditation, yoga/natural movement/dance, and more. The focus is on long-term sustainable solutions for your mobility, health and happiness!

Please email Irena or call 416 594 0004 to arrange a private session.

Skype Classes: With an internet connection, a paypal account, and a webcam, it is easy to set up a skype video yoga session together!
You would simply need a prviate space for you and your mat : )
Please email Irena to arrange a session.

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Meditation & Restorative Yoga

Meditation & Restorative Yoga Workshop
Enjoy 'coming home' with meditation and restorative yoga - a heavenly combination! : )

See current schedule.
Email Irena or call 416 594 0004
for more details.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga
Yin yoga supports a deep therapeutic release in the physical and emotional bodies. These relaxed, longer-held floor poses stimulate the movement of energy (chi) in the body, stretch the connective tissue, and increase mobility in the joints.


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Beach Yoga


Bliss Yoga in the Park
& Morning Beach Yoga
Playing in yoga outside connects us with a longstanding yogic tradition as well as with the uplifting and cleansing energy of momma earth (plus it's good fun : ) 

              Bliss Yoga in the Park

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Bliss Yoga for Kids
Bliss Yoga for Kids

Kids Yoga / "Yoga + Art"

Irena offers Kids Yoga, Teen Yoga and Family Yoga (parent & child) classes, as well as Kids Yoga (Birthday) Parties, and "Yoga + Art" offerings.

Yoga connects children to nature and each other, creative movement, and allows them to feel more centered, focused and at ease.
Irena also combines colouring/drawing/art with yoga for unique Yoga + Art experiences.

Email Irena or call 416 594-0004 to arrange a fun & healthy experience for kids of all ages!

See Irena in the local paper : )

Read some client testimonials.



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Prenatal Yoga



Prenatal Yoga
Enjoy a nurturing practice both for you and your developing baby.


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Restorative Yoga


Restorative Yoga
Restorative yoga is a therapeutic practice that supports a deep healing release, on all levels.

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Eye Yoga


Eye Yoga
Eye yoga is a restorative practice that includes relaxation of the muscles surrounding the eyes as well as intentional movement of the eyes, serving to reduce eye strain and improve natural eyesight.

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Chair and Seniors Yoga


Chair/Seniors Yoga
Irena teaches Chair and Seniors Yoga programs. Please email or call
416 594-0004 for more information.

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Workplace Yoga

Bliss Workplace Yoga
"My mission is to improve health and well-being in the workplace through onsite yoga classes, workshops and events tailored to the specific needs of each client."
Let Bliss create an oasis at your office with a custom onsite weekly class, event or workshop... Irena has conducted onsite workshops and weekly classes for Bell Canada, Wrigley's, and CTV, among other clients.
Email Irena or call 416 594-0004
to inquire and for more details.

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Partner Yoga

Partner Yoga
Bliss offers partner yoga classes and custom couples partner yoga sessions.
Join the fun! : )

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Yoga for Tennis

Yoga for Tennis
Yoga for Runners
Yoga for Sports Teams

Irena teaches Yoga for Tennis, Yoga for Runners, and Yoga for Sports Teams, to include asanas (postures) and breathwork to reduce the risk of injury and improve flexibility, power, focus, relaxation and balance.


Yoga for Runners and Sports Teams     Yoga for Runners and Sports Teams     Yoga for Runners and Sports Teams

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Meditation & Journeying Circle

Meditation & Journeying Circle
Enjoy cultivating s p a c e and coming back 'home' through meditation and guided visualization/journeying. Irena creates a safe nurturing experience. No experience necessary.

See current schedule.

Email Irena or call 416 594 0004
for more details.

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Bliss Soul Power Workshop

Soul Power / Bliss Energy Workshops
Practices to remind you who you are and help you expand in ease & joy! : )
Learn to listen to and trust your inner guidance, and to understand and align your energy/vibration to live a life that feels easier, happier and more fulfilling!

Learn tools and practices that you can apply in everyday life to feel more empowered and at ease in your life and in your relationships. This is an experiential workshop series that also weaves in some guided movement, meditation, journalling/ art, in addition to energetic understandings and practical tools. We can all learn to 'clean up our energy' and raise our vibration to live happier, easier lives : ) Bring a journal and all other supplies are provided. No experience necessary : )

See current schedule.

Email Irenaor call 416 594 0004
for more details.

Bliss Soul Dance... Dance, Meditation, heArt with Irena


Experience Bliss Expressive Dance!
Enjoy 5 minute guided
Bliss Expressive Dance

Bliss Dances with Irena

Bliss Dance
let your soul come out to play : )

Join Irena as she weaves a journey of expressive dance, meditation and art, to help you soften, open and free your creativity and spirit!

There will be an opening circle and guidance as needed, to support your movement practice. Each class will have a unique theme with a meditation, warm-up flow and energy/movement explorations, expressive/intuitive art and dance wave (in the spirit of expressive, ecstatic, conscious dance).

Through this awareness practice, we experience a sense of release and coming back home to our true essence. This practice increases awareness (of natural movement pathways, emotions, energy, vibration), expands creativity, empties out 'baggage', and cultivates connection and opens heart!

Men/women welcome. Please wear comfortable clothing and dance barefoot if possible.

Upcoming Bliss Dances:

Stay tuned for more Bliss Dances!

When: TBA
See current schedule.

Location: To be announced
Cost: tba

“Dance is the hidden language
of the soul” (Martha Graham)

Email Irena or call 416 594 0004
for more details.

Read client testimonials.

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Hoop Yoga

Hoop & Yoga : )

Enjoy the rhythmic dance of hooping combined with the flexibility, strength and relaxation of yoga! Coming soon : )

Enjoy some Hoop 101 basics : )

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Hawaii Bliss Yoga Retreat

Aloha friends : )...

I will be sharing more news about a
Bliss Retreat in Hawaii!

Please stay tuned...



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Bliss Youtube Channel  And enjoy some flows and other sharings at your own convenience on the Bliss Youtube Channel:

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Simple Rainbow Yoga with Irena

New - Simple Rainbow Yoga with Irena
Sharing a Simple Rainbow Yoga flow dedicated to the 'aina, kai, wai - our mother earth. Let's move and live with aloha friends! : )
Please only engage in suitable physical activity for you.


Bliss HIgh Vibe - Relationships Video

Bliss High Vibe - Relationships
With broader awareness, we can tune all of our relationships higher - starting with ourselves, and rippling out to all others. We can feel more light-hearted, happy and harmonious with ourselves and others! : )


Simple Eye Yoga with Irena Bliss


Simple Eye Yoga Practices

Morning Maui Yoga Flow with Irena

Morning Maui Yoga Flow

Enjoy the beauty of the Maui backdrop to this morning yoga flow : )

Maui Yoga Flow 2 with Irena

Maui Yoga Flow 2

A vigorous, longer yoga flow on beautiful Maui shore.

Simple Restorative Practice

Simple Restorative Practice

Enjoy some simple restorative and energizing tips.

Hoop 101 : )

HOOP 101 : )

We all remember hooping as little kids...
it's so easy & fun to get back into it! : )


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Experience Bliss Expressive Dance!

Enjoy Bliss Expressive Dance

Follow your own Flow...

Follow Your Own Flow...

Simply allow yourself to breathe and move however you're drawn... this is my 10 min flow one evening.  Follow your own 'meditation in motion'.



Also check out other Bliss Youtube


Learn more about Bliss Healing offerings.  View our current Schedule.

I am honoured to serve... namaste, Irena

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