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Bliss Dance

Join irena for Bliss Dance

Some feedback from Bliss clients, ohana:

Bliss Dance
"Irena is a delightful, warm, welcoming, friendly person. That was known to me right away upon arriving to my first Bliss Dance class. What Irena has to offer (both as a person and at her studio) is incredibly unique. My experience with Bliss Dance was wonderful. I want to do it every day! My definition of it is dancing from the heart with total freedom from inner or outer judgments. It was a very new concept to me, but Irena made me feel comfortable. You feel completely at peace during and after the session. The music Irena plays helped to uplift me. To my surprise, after an hour of dancing, we got to draw! How playful (and therapeutic) was that! It felt natural to transition from dancing to drawing because the Bliss Dance had already centered me and opened up my inner creativity, that I can tell yearns to be used more. I felt great for the whole day. I so enjoyed Bliss Dance with Irena. Her Bliss dance plus art is truly a one of a kind experience. I would highly recommend her."

"I found your Bliss Dance teaching to be beautifully insightful, gentle, engaging and inviting. You create a space that made me feel safe to explore my body and heart, to listen in and be with what came up in the moment." (A.L.)

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Bliss Meditation
Bliss Meditation & Soul Journeys
"The healing (meditations) that you provided to me were instrumental in this healing process and journey to me coming home. Thank you very much for providing me with such a wonderful healing space full of love and light, it was an awesome place to receive additional restorative energy that I needed greatly. Had the best sleep I have had in a very long time. I appreciate your guidance and readings of my situation and was highly acknowledging as what I have just undergone cannot fully be explained in words, but you just knew what I had endured and what I needed to hear to move forward and that was highly healing and validating. You are a talented, beautiful and spirited woman! I appreciate your support in bringing me fully home, you are an incredible healer!"

Bliss Thai Massage

Bliss Thai Massage

Bliss Thai Yoga Massage
* 2020 Update: TYM no longer being offered.

"With Thai Massage Irena swept me into a world of relaxation and ease where I could relate deeply to my body and let its natural flow of energy re-align.  It is precious especially in our modern-paced lifestyle to make space for a massage.  Irena creates a wonderful space where I felt welcomed and treated like a queen!"

"I had the most amazing experience with Irena, enjoying her Thai Massage session. It was for me a journey of complete surrender to the healing process. I will cherish her beautiful energy of giving and look forward to having the experience many times." (Grace S.)

"I jumped at the chance to enjoy a Thai Massage at Irena's beautiful sanctuary. Thai massage is an interactive form of care and Irena expertly and gently worked my entire body through each wonderful position, stretching and probing into deep muscle tissue. It wasn't long before I succumbed to a completely relaxed state as Irena worked her magic. I felt like I was in a sacred dance in slow motion with an amazing healer. As my session ended and I prepared to leave, I had the distinct impression that I had been 'touched by an angel'. As part of my ongoing wellness plan, Thai massage with Irena will become a regular part of my repertoire." (Nancy N., Education Consultant/Coach)

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Bliss Hawaiian Healing
Bliss Hawaiian Healing
"I am so grateful for the safe, loving space that Irena created for me throughout my Ha Breath session. It was such an amazing experience - other-worldly and yet one of coming home to myself. I gained such clarity and insight around the intention I had set and these have continued to stay with me." (F.B., Ha Breath client)
"Irena, thank you so much for the Ha breath session. It was so nourishing, revitalizing, clearing, empowering, supportive, and life-affirming. I felt like I could go every week! It is amazing to not have to go through life changes and transitions alone, and to be supported on all levels. I especially appreciate that you see and want the best for me--to embrace myself and be embraced truly and fully by life." (S.T., Ha Breath client)

"Thank you again for the Lomi massage. You create a calm, pretty place, and the extra touches of the coconut water and fresh fruit were refreshing and welcoming." (A.L., Lomi massage client)

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Bliss Yoga


Bliss Yoga

"Bliss Yoga has enhanced my life in ways I never thought it could. We live in a world that places many demands on our body and mind. Yoga offers a mind and body experience, like no other, you strengthen physically while calming mentally. It's nice to put everything aside for an hour each week and truly reflect and heal. I love the atmosphere, the thought and care that Irena puts into every class. Thank you for making every class a unique experience." (S.P., Executive Producer, Bliss Yoga Student)
"Bliss Yoga has brought to me a greater sense of my body - giving it permission to go beyond its comfort level and feeling all the better having done so. Irena is a gentle, caring instructor, allowing each one to be in their own space without judgement - Bravo to you and continued success!" (G.S., Teacher, Bliss Yoga Student)
"Bliss Yoga stretches both your body and your mind - awakening your potential to do anything. I look forward to Irena's class every week." (S.M., Bliss Yoga Student)
Bliss Kids Yoga
"Irena led a one-hour yoga session for my daughter and six friends in our home for her 6th birthday. The girls were completely engaged by Irena, through poses, art, games and even final relaxation. That's more impressive than even Irena would realize, as the group included a few very spirited little personalities! They all loved the experience and as a parent, it was a joy to watch. I would highly recommend this, as would my daughter who asked if we could do it again next year. Thanks again, Irena!"
(S.S., Kids Yoga Birthday party client)
Bliss Art

Bliss Intuitive (Expressive) Art

"Your Intuitive Art Workshop was so beautifully choreographed and such a joyful space to be in as well. Thank you for the care and love you bring to all you do. Such a pleasure." (MS, Bliss Art Workshop participant)



Please email Irena to learn more.

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