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Mar 26 Bliss Energy Workshop at Fieldstones Wellness

It is time to step into our power more fully and live aligned with our heart and spirit! Spring is a time of regeneration, and the earth inspires us to birth new life and possibilities within ourselves!
- Irena Bliss

Download Workshop pdf flyer

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Book with
("Bliss Energy" under Workshop tab)

meditation... movement... art


Bliss Energy Workshop!
at Fieldstones

Sunday March 26, 10am – 3pm

As Spring arrives, ushering in a potent time of renewal…
Join Irena as she weaves a soul journey of:

  • energy awareness teachings and practices
  • guided meditation/visualization
  • conscious movement
  • intuitive art

to support you in opening, releasing, tuning in, and aligning with heart and spirit!   Learn more>
Delicious, energizing Vegan lunch served.

Benefits: This experiential Soul Journey supports your relaxation and well-being, expanded awareness, and empowerment through practices that enhance your clarity, ease and happiness!

Please bring: a journal & pen, personal yoga mat if desired, reusable drinking water container. Please wear comfortable clothing. All art supplies are provided. No experience necessary. All are welcome!

Workshop Fee: $85 Special: Bring a friend and each save $10 for special price of $75!
Delicious, energizing Vegan lunch served.

To Register:
Book your spot at Fieldstones Wellness
(see "Bliss Energy" under Services, Workshop tab)
Tel: 416 409-8003

Download Workshop pdf flyer

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Bliss Painted Artworks

Bliss Painted Artworks

Enjoy Bliss Painted Artworks for your home… commissions are available.

Please email Irena to inquire.

Also learn more about inspiring Bliss Art products, such as Bliss Cards, Journals, Bags and more!

Bliss Guided Meditation

Bliss Guided Meditation
Enjoy a guided meditation practice with Irena. These sessions include simple seated meditations as well as a lying down guided relaxation meditation. Meditation is a powerful gateway to expanded awareness, compassion and ease. No experience is necessary.
Please wear comfortable clothing as we sit in circle on the floor (cushions provided). We will enter the space in silence, as we tune inside.

When: 10-11:15am Sundays:
Sunday Mar 12, 19
Sunday April 2, 30
Also, 7-8:15pm Thursdays:
Thurs Mar 16, 30, Apr 13, 27

$20 ea
Email Irena
or call 416 594-0004 to sign up and for location details.

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Book your Bliss Thai Massage with Irena
Learn more

60 min Thai Massage - $60
90 min Thai Massage - $80

Or $1 per minute for shorter session options.

Bliss Thai Massage

This therapeutic and relaxing massage involves deep static and rhythmic pressures, and a variety of yoga-like postures. Throughout the treatment, rhythmic rocking and targeted acupressure are used to replenish energy stores, open the body, and create a deep state of relaxation.
Learn more >

Email Irena or call 416 594-0004 to
book your Thai Massage session.

Read some Bliss client testimonials

Irena is certified in Thai Massage
with a Holistic Practitioner Licence.
Women clients only.
Gift Certificates are available.



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Bliss Yoga Skype & Weekly Classes

Pay for Private/Skype Sessions:

Bliss Skype/Other Sessions

Private (In-Person) &
Skype Sessions

Enjoy Bliss Yoga, Meditation, Natural Movement/Dance and more in the privacy of your own home.

I am happy to offer Private (in-person) and Skype Sessions for Bliss clients seeking more personal attention and development in: meditation, yoga/natural movement/dance, and more. The focus is on long-term sustainable solutions for your mobility, health and happiness!

Please email Irena or call 416 594 0004 to arrange a private session.

More on Skype (online) sessions:
With an internet connection, a webcam, and payment by Paypal, it is easy to set up a skype video session together for yoga, meditation, dance or a private guidance session.

Please email Irena to learn more and to arrange a session.

Enjoy weekly Bliss Classes


Book a Private (in-person) or Skype session with Irena.

Enjoy Weekly Bliss Yoga Classes

Typical Group Class Fees:
1.25h class duration:
$17/class if registered.

Full payment due first class. Prorated if joining partway or dropin rate applied.
Drop-In: $20 per class

(space permitting)

Location: In the beach, Toronto (details to be provided), or at client site, or via SKYPE (as confirmed).
To book/register: Call 416 594-0004 or email Irena.

Some Class Descriptions:
Yin-Yang Yoga: Irena creates a restorative and dynamic flow each class, blending her various studies (Kripalu/Hatha yoga, flow/ashtanga, restorative yoga, yin yoga, eye yoga, breathwork/pranayama, relaxation, visualization and meditation). Suitable for all levels.

Gentle Yoga: Wind down, open, come home to yourself with this restorative class that combines gentle yoga and some meditation. Suitable for all levels, including beginners.

Note: mat, bolster, blocks, eye pillows & other supplies provided at Irena's home studio.

Group, private, Skype video, and partner yoga classes also available. Contact Irena to learn more and to arrange.

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Irena Bliss - Transformation Consultant, Coach, Guide

Bliss Private Sessions

Guidance Sessions
Irena uses an intuitive and grounded energetic approach to help you tune in, release, create clarity, and expand into a life that inspires you and feels good!
Learn more.
Read some client testimonials.

Blossom fully...

Blossom fully... email Irena or call 416 594 0004 to book a private session.






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Bliss Meditation & Restorative Yoga Workshop


Meditation +
Restorative Yoga Workshop

Enjoy this workshop that combines creating a sense of peace and relaxation, as well as providing the deep benefits of restorative yoga. No experience necessary. All supplies provided. Enjoy deep letting go...

When: TBA

Cost: $20 ea
Email Irena or call 416 594-0004 for more information.

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Bliss Workshop - Soul Power

Soul Power Workshop
Empowering practices and insights to help you feel better, and live with more energy, ease & joy! : )

Learn to listen to and trust your inner guidance, and to understand and align your energy/vibration to live a life that feels easier, happier and more fulfilling!
Learn tools and practices that you can apply in everyday life to feel more empowered and at ease in your life and in your relationships.

This is an experiential workshop series. Irena weaves in key energetic understanding and practical tools, as well as some guided meditation, journaling & expressive art, and gentle movement. Bring a journal and all other supplies are provided. No experience necessary : )
We are here to feel good and expand in joy and ease!

When: TBA
See Bliss Energy Workshop

Email Irena or call 416 594-0004 to sign up and for location details.

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Bliss Eye Yoga

Irena Bliss Eye Yoga

Restorative Eye Yoga Workshop

Eye yoga is a restorative practice that includes relaxation of the muscles surrounding the eyes as well as intentional movement of the eyes, serving to reduce eye strain and improve natural eyesight. This Eye Yoga workshop also includes breathwork and gentle/ restorative yoga poses that support eye relaxation and health. No experience necessary. All supplies provided.


Cost: $20
Email Irena
or call 416 594-0004 to sign up and for location details.

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Bliss Movement with Irena

Natural Movement Pathways Workshop

Please join me to reclaim and feel the ease of simple, natural movement pathways. No experience is necessary. Please wear comfortable clothing, and we will practice barefoot.

I find knowledge of these natural movement pathways is so helpful in moving with more ease and comfort- at home, in the workplace, and while walking or enjoying hobbies and other sports/dance activities. Join me in exploring these 'long-term movement solutions' that honor our individual bodies and needs.

See Bliss Energy Workshop

Email Irenaor call 416 594-0004 to sign up and for location details.

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Bliss Soul Dance... Dance, Meditation, heArt with Irena



Experience Bliss Expressive Dance!

Click here to learn more

“Dance is the hidden language
of the soul”
(Martha Graham)

Bliss Dance
Let your inner dancer & artist
come out to play...

Irena weaves an organic journey of expressive dance, meditation and art, to help you soften, open, and free your body, mind & spirit!

There will be an opening circle and guidance as needed, to support your movement practice. Each Bliss Dance has a unique theme and weaves in different explorations (such as guided movement, meditation, expressive art) along with a freestyle expressive dance wave!

No experience necessary... we are all born dancers! Musical sound track and any supplies are provided.

Women & men welcome. Please wear comfortable clothing, ideally dance barefoot, and bring a water bottle.

Upcoming Bliss Dances:

More Bliss Dances coming...
When: Upcoming dates TBA
See Bliss Energy Workshop
Location: TBA
Cost: TBA

Enjoy 5 minute guided
Bliss Expressive Dance warmup flow

Read client testimonials.


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Bliss Intuitive Art Workshops

Intuitive Art Workshops
Let your inner artist come out to play...
Explore some guided gentle movement and expressive art practices to help you free your creativity and spirit! No art experience required. All art supplies provided.

Stay tuned for more workshops!
Also see Soul Power Workshops, and Bliss Dances (have an expressive intuitive art component).

Email Irena or call 416 594-0004 for more information.

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Hawaiian Ha Breath Sessions

Bliss Hawaiian Ha Breath Session


Hawaiian Ha Breath Healing

open into deep insights and ease...
Spring Rebirth Special!  20% off Hawaiian Ha Breath Session

Experience the powerful wisdom and healing grace of a Hawaiian Ha Breath session. With the power of intention and the use of the breath, a Ha Breath session allows you to release old blocks and baggage, creating greater clarity, insight, freedom and ease. Irena guides you in a nurturing, self-loving experience that raises vibration. Experience this powerful practice.
Click here to learn more.

Read some client testimonials.
Introductory offer: $80/session.

Email Irena or call 416 594-0004 for more information and to book a session.
Please note: women clients only.

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Bliss Gift Certificates

Bliss Gift Certificates

Bliss Gift Certificates can be purchased throughout the year for you or someone you love, for:

  • Bliss Thai Massage
  • Bliss Yoga (class passes/private sessions)
  • Hawaiian Session
  • Private Session/Skype Session
  • Bliss Art
  • other offerings.

Consider holiday Bliss gifts that keep on giving : )

Email Irena or call 416 594-0004 to purchase your Bliss Gift Certificates.

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Irena 'retreats' to Hawaii : )

Aloha friends : )...

I will also be sharing news about other Bliss workshops, events and retreats...





Grail Springs Yoga and Meditation

Grail Springs Yoga and Meditation


Monthly Guest Instruction at Grail Springs Retreat

I am very happy to be offering Yoga/Meditation and other guest services (2 weekends per month) at the beautiful Grail Springs Retreat.

Please book a visit and join me there : )
My upcoming 2017 Grail weekend dates are:

  • Sat April 8, Sun April 9
  • Sat April 22, Sun April 23
  • Sat May 6, Sun May 7
  • Sat May 20, Sun May 21
  • Sat June 10, Sun June 11
  • Sat June 24, Sun June 25
  • Sat July 8, Sun July 9
  • Sat July 22, Sun July 23
  • Sat Aug 12, Sun Aug 13
  • Sat Aug 26, Sun Aug 27
  • Sat Sept 9, Sun Sept 10
  • Sat Sept 23, Sun Sept 24

Enjoy this beautiful, peaceful, inspiring retreat sanctuary! Visit Grail Springs Wellness Retreat.


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Bliss Yoga for Kids
Bliss Yoga for Kids

Kids Yoga / "Yoga + Art"

Irena offers Kids Yoga, Teen Yoga and Family Yoga classes, as well as Kids Yoga (Birthday) Parties, and "Yoga + Art" offerings.

Yoga connects children to nature and each other, creative movement, and allows them to feel more centered, focused and at ease.
Irena also combines art/colouring/ drawing with yoga for unique Yoga + Art experiences.

Simply email Irena or call
416 594-0004
to arrange a fun & healthy experience for kids of all ages!

See Irena in the local paper : )

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Bliss Journals, Cards, Bags and more at the Bliss Studio

Bliss Art Cards at Arts on Queen
Bliss at Arts on Queen, Beaches, Toronto

Bliss Art Cards & Journals
Ava's Appletree
Bliss at Ava's Appletree, Beaches, Toronto

Bliss Art Cards & Journals
Baby on the Hip (Leslieville)
Bliss at Baby on the Hip Leslieville, Toronto

Bliss Bags at Mara's
(Dancewear supplies),
2189 Queen Street East, Beaches
Bliss Bags at Mara's, Beaches, Toronto

Bliss Art Cards & Journals at
National Ballet School The Shoe Room
Bliss coming to NBS The Shoe Room, Toronto


Enjoy some Bliss Art inspiration! : )

Bliss Art Cards, Journals, Bags and more... have been sold at the following locations among others:

To learn more also visit the Bliss Creative page.

Irena also creates custom, commissioned artwork. Please contact Irena directly with your art inquiries.

Bliss Art Cards, Journals, Bags and more  by Irena

Bliss Art Cards, Journals, Bags and more  by Irena

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Blissing - High Vibration Living

Read "Blissings"

"High Vibration Living"...

Today, begin to become more aware of how you’re feeling throughout the day, and begin to notice the energy you're inhabiting and sharing with the world...
Read on>


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Catch up on earlier sharings supporting your ease, well-being and fulfillment...

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  • What we create out of love and joy flourishes!
  • Open Heart… to Love Without Conditions
  • Let Go into the Unknown!
  • Aloha 'aina!


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Hot Ginger Honey Tea  from Irena Bliss


Soothing Hot Ginger Honey Tea

In a time of seasonal change, and fluctuating temperature and humidity conditions, we may experience some chest congestion. There are several helpful natural remedies, including a simple hot ginger honey tea:

Peeled organic raw ginger root
1 tablespoon of honey (or to taste)

Add raw peeled ginger pieces to boiling water, and allow to simmer (becomes more flavourful). Stir in honey. Drink tea while it's still hot/warm.
Note: Ginger also provides digestive relief.

Other natural remedies for chest congestion include... read on

Click here to read more recipes.

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Raw Mango Cake from Heart of Raw Food Recipe Book

Raw Mango Cake from Heart of Raw Food Recipe Book


Raw Mango Cake : )
- from Heart of Raw Food Book

I recently made and shared this delicious, "ono"and delicate raw Mango Cake. It received rave reviews : ) The recipe is from the beautiful Heart of Raw Food book.

Please visit to learn more and to purchase this treasure. I highly recommend this wonderful book as a staple in your kitchen - it satisfies body, heart and soul! : )

Enjoy some other tasty recipes.

Heart of Raw Raspberry Hazelnut Chocolate Cake

Heart of Raw Raspberry Hazelnut Chocolate Cake

Raw Raspberry Hazelnut Chocolate Cake from Heart of Raw Food Book

I recently shared this cake, to rave reviews! : ) This is another super delicious, 'ono' raw recipe from Hawaiian friend Guri Bigham's Heart of Raw Food Book. This amazing book honours her mom Tone Anthony's legacy of delicious, original raw food recipes.
I highly recommend this treasure:

Enjoy some other tasty healthy recipes.

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Bliss Youtube Channel 
Enjoy some flows and other sharings at your own convenience on the
Bliss Youtube Channel:

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Simple Rainbow Yoga with Irena

New - Simple Rainbow Yoga with Irena
Sharing a Simple Rainbow Yoga flow dedicated to the 'aina, kai, wai - our mother earth. Let's move and live with aloha friends! : )
Please only engage in suitable physical activity for you.


Bliss HIgh Vibe - Relationships Video

Bliss High Vibe - Relationships
With broader awareness, we can tune all of our relationships higher - starting with ourselves, and rippling out to all others. We can feel more light-hearted, happy and harmonious with ourselves and others! : )


Simple Eye Yoga with Irena Bliss


Simple Eye Yoga Practices

Morning Maui Yoga Flow with Irena

Morning Maui Yoga Flow

Enjoy the beauty of the Maui backdrop to this morning yoga flow : )

Maui Yoga Flow 2 with Irena

Maui Yoga Flow 2

A vigorous, longer yoga flow on beautiful Maui shore.

Simple Restorative Practice

Simple Restorative Practice

Enjoy some simple restorative and energizing tips.

Hoop 101 : )

HOOP 101 : )

We all remember hooping as little kids...
it's so easy & fun to get back into it! : )

Experience Bliss Expressive Dance!

Enjoy Bliss Expressive Dance

Follow your own Flow...

Follow Your Own Flow...

Simply allow yourself to breathe and move however you're drawn... this is my 10 min flow one evening.  Follow your own 'meditation in motion'.

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I love Momma Earth! 30d Intentions
I love Momma Earth!

Join me friends in setting a personal
30 day Intention
to live more simply and gently on momma earth... we can make a difference!  Read more.

Calling all Outsiders!


Calling all Outsiders! : )...

It is time to simplify, to balance, to create in harmony with nature...
How can we love our momma earth more and live more gently?  The quarterly CAO issue presents some 'earth friendly' ideas for simpler living. Even daily practices like walking/cycling instead of driving, picking up litter, eliminating plastic bottle use, supporting a local farmer's market, all make a difference, and create mindfulness : )
Click here for the Calling All Outsiders forum.

Please contact me to share your thoughts and inspiring ideas! : )

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Private Yoga Classes Private Yoga Classes & Skype Video Yoga Classes: For the person who's interested in a more personal, focused class and would like to deepen their knowledge... email or call 416 594-0004. Irena also offers semi-private and couples/partner yoga classes. Suitable for all levels - beginners welcome!
Bliss Gift Certificates

Bliss Gift Certificates - Gift Ideas for you & those you love
If you're interested in a Gift Certificate for Bliss services, please email Bliss (payable by cash or cheque) and the gift certificate will be emailed to you (also mailed upon request). Gift a friend or family member with:

  • Private, Semi-Private Yoga+ Classes - learn more
  • Bliss Healing session (Hawaiian Lomi Massage, Ha Breath, Ho'oponopono (Resolution), Intuitive Coaching)- learn more
  • inspiring Bliss products - learn more

          Bliss Cards, Journals, Bags and more!


Please contact us if you have any inquiries, or would like to arrange a session or class.  Classes & workshops are suitable for beginner and intermediate levels. 
Note: Schedule may be subject to change.

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