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Learn more about Bliss Studio's healing services and read some client testimonials...

Book your Bliss Thai Massage

Bliss Thai Massage

You may pay online:

Thai Massage

Rates (at Bliss studio):

60 min Thai Massage - $60
90 min Thai Massage - $80

120 min Thai Massage: $110

Or $1 per minute for shorter session options.


Bliss Thai Massage

Irena is certified in Thai Massage and licensed as a Holistic Practitioner (from the City of Toronto).
Thai Massage is a form of bodywork that originated about 2500 years and evolved to combine influences from both Indian and Asian healing traditions.

This therapeutic and relaxing massage involves the recipient wearing comfortable clothing that allows for ease of movement, while sitting/lying on a cushioned organic cotton massage mat on the floor. 

Deep static and rhythmic pressures form the core of the massage, and the receiver is positioned in a variety of yoga-like postures. A Thai Massage generally follows the Sen lines on the body (analogous to meridians, energy channels, or nadis). The practitioner's hands, forearms, elbows, knees, and feet are used in a flowing manner to compress and palpate the muscles and engage the energy lines. Throughout the treatment, rhythmic rocking and targeted acupressure are used to replenish energy stores, open the body, and create a deep state of relaxation.

Irena is certified in Thai Massage and licensed as a Holistic Practitioner (from the City of Toronto). This means that clients with health insurance coverage may have their Thai Massage sessions covered. Please confirm with your insurance policy.

Email Irena or call 416 594 0004 to book your Thai Massage session.

Gift Certificates also available.
Contact Irena

Read some Bliss client testimonials.
Women clients only.

Book your Thai Massage session and feel better...


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Bliss Gift Certificates

Bliss Gift Certificates

Bliss Gift Certificates can be purchased for you or someone you love, for:

  • Bliss Thai Massage
  • Bliss Yoga (class passes/private sessions)
  • Hawaiian Session
  • Private Session
  • Bliss Art
  • other offerings.

Consider Birthday or holiday Bliss gifts that keep on giving : )

Email Irena or call 416 594-0004 to purchase your Bliss Gift Certificates.

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Hawaiian Healing sessions

Select below for Healing
Session Payments:

Fee Amount


Hawaiian Healing Sessions -
a powerful avenue for change...

Experience Hawaiian Ha Breath, Ho'oponopono (resolution), and Laulima to support your physical and emotional healing.   I am honoured to create a safe, nurturing space for you.

What is Ha Breath? With the power of intention and the use of the breath, a Ha Breath session allows you to move through your emotional evolution and align with your powerful intention, creating greater clarity, freedom and ease on all levels.  I will guide you through this simple and insightful experience.

What is Ho'oponopono? With Ho'oponopono (intentional forgiveness), we come to pono (resolution), which is powerfully healing and liberating. Invite the "future you" to call you forward.  This ritual supports clearing, letting go and healing on deep levels.

What is Laulima? Laulima is energy work in a group setting (one person is on the table at a time). The group energy feels safe and powerful!

Irena creates a safe, guided experience. No previous experience is necessary.
Experience these wise Hawaiian healing practices.

Private Session Rate: $100/session.
Introductory offer: $80/session.

Email Irena or call 416 594-0004 for more information and to book a session.
Please note: women clients only for Lomi and Ha breath sessions.

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Intuitive Coaching Services

Select below for Coaching Session Payments:

Fee Amount


Intuitive Guidance/Coaching
Irena offers sensitive, insightful and empowering intuitive coaching services to help you open, release, and free yourself to live your highest vision! Learn more at

Please email Irena or call 416 594-0004
for more information and to book a session.

Irena Bliss - Transformation Consultant, Coach, Guide

Note: In some cases I may use a sliding scale.
Also, a minimum 24h notice is needed to change or cancel a scheduled appointment to avoid an administration fee, thank you.


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Meditation & Journeying Circle

Meditation & Journeying Circle

Enjoy cultivating s p a c e and deep presence, oming back 'home' through meditation and guided visualization.
Irena creates a safe nurturing experience. No previous experience necessary.

Contact Bliss for more details.

See current schedule.

I love Momma Earth! 30d Intentions

Let's love Momma Earth...

Join me friends in saying "I love Momma" and setting a personal 30 day Intention to live more simply and gently... we can make a difference!  Read more.
Visit www.

Please click here to learn more about Bliss Yoga+ offerings.

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