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Bliss Cards, Journals, Bags and more!

Bliss Art Cards, Journals,

Bags & more...

Bliss inspiring products include blank art cards, journals, prints, bags, hand painted silk pieces, and more!
Please email Irena with Bliss art inquiries.

Enjoy some Bliss Art inspiration : )


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Bliss Art Cards, Journals, Bags and more  by Irena

Bliss Art Inspiration - Cards, Journals, Bags and more  by Irena




Bliss Art Inspiration:

Irena's Bliss Art products have been sold at the following locations, among others:

Irena also had a long association with the former Arts on King gallery selling her one-of-a-kind painted furniture, pots, and artworks in Toronto.

Irena also creates custom, commissioned artwork.

Please contact Irena directly:

   Email Irena

with your Bliss art/product inquiries.



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Bliss Calendar... monthly inspiration

Bliss Calendar

Please contact Irena for your

monthly Bliss inspiration : )

2019 Bliss Calendar

Calendar price:
$20 (with local shipping),
$15 without shipping.

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Bliss Intuitive Art Workshop and Private Sessions

Intuitive Art Workshops
Let your inner artist come out to play...

Explore some guided intuitive art practices to support your insight, clarity, creativity, freedom and expansion!

No art experience required. All art supplies are provided.

Also check Schedule page for Bliss Soul Power /Energy Workshops, Bliss Dances, and other Workshops that include expressive/intuitive art.

Please email Irena for more information and to arrange a session.

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Select below for Bliss Art Payments:



Bliss Art Inspiration

Irena creates one-of-a-kind colourful and inspiring paintings and illustrations! Her Bliss paintings have been exhibited in several art shows. She also creates custom art pieces for clients.

contact Bliss with your art inquiries.

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Bliss Design Studio

Select below for Design
Fee/Deposit Payments:


Bliss Web & Graphic Design

Bliss provides dedicated client service for your design projects (online/web, graphic). Our approach involves: define, design, develop, and deploy. Bliss also provides administration and maintenance services.

Our focus is on unique designs that capture the essence of a client's creation, a high standard of client care, and a commitment to meeting our client's timelines. Please visit the Bliss Design Studio to learn more.

Please email Bliss with your design inquiries.

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Select below for Creative
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Bliss Interiors
and Custom Painted Furniture
& Murals

Irena Bliss assists clients in Interior Consultation including: colour selection, painting, clearing, layout and design, to create uniquely personal and beautiful spaces.
The focus is on bringing clarity, light, colour, and a sense of serenity to your interior spaces. Please contact Irena Bliss to arrange a consultation.

One-of-a-kind painted furniture!
Irena's one-of-a-kind painted furniture and housewares have been an 'artist feature' on CityTV Cityline's Homeday television show. They have also been sold through various stores and galleries, including Arts on King in Toronto. Please contact Irena Bliss with commission inquiries.

Custom murals personalize your environment. Bliss offers mural concept, design and execution services, to help bring your vision to life! Please contact Bliss with your inquiries.


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Bliss is happy to provide creative services that beautify, inspire and uplift! : )

Bliss Creative Services and Art

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