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Relationship... with self, with others, and with all life! : )


Irena Bliss Joy!


Irena Bliss Joy!


Irena Bliss Joy!


Irena Bliss Joy!


We all deserve and need to live in ways that feel natural, like 'home'. Our true home or essence is LOVE! Love is the renewable energy that moves through us and all life! It is vital that we nurture this relationship with ourselves first. Then we are better able to share this loving energy outward, with others. In this field of love, all are equal and valuable.

Every day, practice self-love and appreciation to tune to the vibration of source/spirit. which is truly the most important relationship we have in life! : ) When we align with our spirit, we dwell in a space of love, honesty, harmony and appreciation, and then relate more easily with others in loving, unconditional ways. Practice nurturing self-care to maintain your own beautiful light and energy. And release all patterns of negotiating, explaining or defending yourself in relationship (all energy drains).

Allow yourself to flow to your soul 'home' every day, and enjoy heart-based connections, moment by moment. As we cultivate a loving relationship with ourselves, we build our capacity to meet others in this heart space of peace, compassion, honesty, humility, respect, love and trust.

Notice where you feel energized and inspired, and take the time to clear any embodied negative energies (I like to use practices such as relaxation, the breath, meditation, yoga/dance, time in nature, etc). Stay open-minded and open-hearted on this journey.

There may be those with whom we engage - in family, work, old friends, etc., with whom we may no longer feel aligned, understood, at ease with - this is often due to a significant vibrational variance. We may literally be navigating on different energetic wavelengths, and have different beliefs, views and values. These relationships may thus feel more conflicted, with patterns of domination, control, coercion, or manipulation being expressed as people try to 'pull us' back down to a vibration that they understand,or 'see' us on. This experience of negotiating with denser, lower vibrations, defending and explaining, or continually setting boundaries, can be very draining. As a result we may lower our own personal energy or vibrational frequency (and embody more doubt, sadness, fear, as a result). It is important that we take total responsibility for how we feel and so, let go and return to LOVE when things feel 'hard'.

We must also be willing to let go of old relationship/mental patterns, and heal any emotional trauma. When we are living and being our soul essence of LOVE, we do not try to control, dominate, or seek approval or 'agreement' with others. We simply flow in our own soul authority, and encourage this in others. The practice of self-love is vitally important to help heal emotional trauma and free ourselves from the tyranny of limiting patterns based on fear or lack. We must practice 'self loving self' first before we can be available to love others in unconditional ways.

Step into your full soul power, and release all patterns of duty, negotiation, explaining/defending, approval-seeking, and concern about the good/bad opinions of others. Return 'home'...

As we cultivate a peaceful, loving relationship with ourselves, we can then flow in loving, harmonious alignment out in the world! We will then experience happy alignments with those beings available to meet with us on this vibration of love! : )
Let go and 'let god' (spirit/source/joy) be your true guide, and SHARE your loving energy out in the world!

Every day nourish your connection to your true, divine essence.
Love and respect yourself. It is possible to choose a loving intention every day, and flow with this love and soul inspiration out into the world! There will of course still be challenges with relationships on Earth. However, as we continually 're-source' ourselves from within, we become stronger, more clear, and less prone to 'negotiate' our energy away in relationships that don't feel good. And when we take complete responsibility for how we feel, we can break free of all old, limiting patterns!

So when relationships feel 'hard', relax, soften, let go, surrender... seek the soothing, the feeling of love from within again. Buoy your own energy through practices that naturally uplift and soothe you. For me this includes: being in nature, meditation, yoga, dance, art/colour, music, comedy, happy times with friends, and more! : )

Also practice forgiveness of yourself and others. Be the witness to further deepen your understanding and expand your awareness. I find it's also helpful to imagine and feel the loving relationships that you find inspiring, and thus magnetize new realities to you! : )

When we listen to our heart and soul's guidance, we give up seeking external authority, and shift to a higher vibrational state of being, Love. In so doing, all other relationships improve. We must also be willing to release any expectations around who joins us in the vibration of love, and who we naturally align with 'in the flow' (this is the orchestration of the universe : ). In this sweet flow, we may be guided to new places, new people. or reclaim and heal old relationships. Honour what feels true in any moment, with a gentle loving heart.

Respect and honour yourself and your own soul inspiration!
Notice the communities in which you naturally feel 'at home' or good in.
We'll likely find there are many relationships where this feels true. Allow yourself to continue to go there for your own nourishment, healing, creativity and joyful expansion!

The time for 'staying' in lower, denser vibrational fields that feel negative or repressive, is over! Follow your soul inspiration and joy, and live in more loving ways with yourself, and others! Allow yourself to nurture more fulfilling heart-based connections. In this way we will heal ourselves and also help to uplift, heal one another. Each one of us has more soul potential than we are currently living! Let us come 'home' to self-love and create in harmonious, loving ways together on Mother Earth! : )

Remember to be a guardian with yourself.
Re-source from within. Be compassionate, and retain a spirit of light-heartedness, forgiveness, humour, play and peace. Release all patterns of victimhood and martyrdom - we are each responsible for our own energy/vibration. And we have to be willing to let go, to soften, and flow in ways that are harmonious to our heart, body, mind and spirit!
Choose to live in this flow! : ) It is possible!

Leave the door open for harmonious possibilities in all relationships, while nourishing your primary( lifelong) relationship, the one with yourself! : )

Personally, I also find it's helpful to learn communication and relationship skills that foster heart-based connection and community. In modern families/cultures, these skills are often lacking. Some practices I've found helpful include: heart-based listening and sharing, Indigenous teachings (Chi-Miigwech!), Marshall Rosenberg's Non Violent Communication, meditation, and more. We can always learn how to engage in more harmonious ways, and nurture heart-based connections with self and others.

Many on the planet may not heal their own emotional trauma, and so may stay in denser vibrations of worry/fear/control, be fixated on survival, and reflect old egoic/mental patterns. Many will heal and help others to heal. We can absolutely enjoy a loving evolution and expansion together! We must first realize that our primary responsibility is to our own energy state, and the energy/love we share in the world every day!

Allow yourself to flow with your loving spirit, to align with others on a soul to soul vibrational basis. The hallmark of 'being in the flow' is ease-y synchronicities and happy alignments with life! : ) Enjoy living in heart flow, and expanding through relationships based on trust, honesty, listening, love and compassion.
We are here to expand in joy (not suffering)!

Let us practice this loving relationship with ourselves, to heal and expand heart-based community on Earth! : ) Know that when we nurture our own heart/spirit connection, we are then able to better connect with others in this loving joyful heart space!

Foster your beautiful loving inner relationship, and share this loving energy out in the world! From my heart to yours... sharing one light.


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I am happy to create 'soul space' for you to let go, open,
tune in, feel, move, delight and play in... love, Irena

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