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High Vibration Living...
Irena Bliss... Listen to and Love the Earth!

Enjoy high vibration living...
We all have the same source moving through us, and as we align with our source consciousness more fully, we embody its feeling tone:
unconditional love, appreciation, joy, ease, and abundance.
We feel 'enough' here and now. And we release patterns of competition, control, diminishment, and approval-seeking, as we recognize our true power is eternally arising from within. We can then let everyone else 'off the hook' : ) as we tune ourselves to this infinite inner resource, and follow its guidance every day.

Most people are not very aware of the feeling tone they inhabit, and hence the dominant vibration they are ‘being’ and transmitting every day into the world.  Often people are simply not aware of, or taking responsibility for, how they are ‘being’.  As we expand our self-awareness and step into our full power as source-aligned beings, we begin to understand that our state of being is really an ‘inside job’. 

Today, begin to become more aware of how you’re feeling throughout the day, and begin to notice the energy you're inhabiting and sharing with the world. Although human consciousness is evolving, most humans have been vibrating predominantly in a negative vibration.  We can see evidence of this around us – the negative focus of the ‘daily news’, conflicts, wars, violence, and the relationship with nature and the earth.   We can observe and feel this negativity and imbalance, reflecting a state of human consciousness.  This is a sobering and empowering awareness, since we can then choose to take responsibility for the energy (and hence reality) we create in the world every day!  We begin to appreciate that, what we focus on expands, even if it’s unwanted (experiment with this yourself to understand the power of your focus)!

Human consciousness is now lightening, as the vibration is shifting higher (yes! : ) We can see those who  are clear and positively focused in their lives, and who create wonderful uplifting, transformative energy fields and experiences with others! It is time to live this fuller capacity of our human experience and realize our potential as high vibrating beings! : ) Please join me...

Practices such as simple relaxed breathing, meditation, conscious movement/dance, yoga, basking in nature, gardening, laughter, and other simple quiet times, can all help us tune inside and expand our self-awareness and presence.  These kinds of practices also serve to increase our energy and raise our vibration! This is really our only true ‘job’ every day : )  To fine-tune our own energy/vibration, to more closely align with our loving source.  As we become more present and self-aware, we become more of an astute ‘feeler’ of our own energy/vibration, and the energy fields around us in the world.  Often this initial awareness may not be easy to face.  For we can see/feel that if we are anxious, worried, fearful, angry, sad, blaming, complaining, etc., then our dominant vibration is likely negative.  However, this awareness is ultimately empowering, as we can choose to shift our vibration higher in any moment.  Simply put, when we expand our awareness and choose to ‘clean up’ our own energy and raise our vibration, we clean up our lives! : )

High vibration living then becomes a loving commitment to self-responsibility and our expanding awareness, and a daily choice to allow ourselves to flow towards source and live in a higher vibration.  We choose this simply because we enjoy feeling good, being in loving source alignment.  

Overall, it's important to know that experiences that provide relief and soothe us, serve to raise our vibration. Choose soothing practices every day! : ) We are the only ones who can feel what this is for ourselves.   As we raise our vibration higher, more consistently, our feeling tone becomes one of hopefulness, contentment, then enthusiasm, exuberance, and joy! : )   We often see young children expressing delight in simple daily experiences, reflecting their ease-y alignment with a high positive vibration! They are wonderful examples and guides : ) 

As we raise our vibration, we will begin to more easily align with and manifest, that which truly inspires us. This reflects a key energy principle of: our vibrational reality precedes our physical reality.  Simply put, as we tune our vibration higher, we become more aligned with a physical reality that truly inspires and delights us! : ) We can absolutely begin to create new realities and ways of living that feel inspiring and harmonious with each other and the earth. As we enjoy high vibration living, we will also simply enjoy feeling well-being and ease, our true nature.

Overall, a high vibration state of being opens us up to our soul's inspiration and creativity, to live a life in greater harmony with ourselves, each other, and the earth! : )

Please join me friends! Happy tuning and high vibration living : )
May you enjoy the deep peace and ease of soul alignment.

love and aloha, Irena



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I am happy to create space for you to let go, open, tune in,
feel, come home, explore, move, delight and play in... love, Irena

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