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Know your Heart Song...
Irena Heart Song  Bliss Center for Art, Movement and Transformation
This is in my heart song - to create and share an off-grid
Bliss Center for Art, Movement and Transformation! :)

To live a fulfilling life, it is important to know and sing our unique heart song! : )   This is the song of our heart and soul that we are here to enjoy and share authentically with others.

When we tune inside, we connect with the deep presence within ourselves - we can also call this source, consciousness, soul, spirit, awareness, God. In a feeling tone, it can be described as pure love, peace, joy, and harmony with all.  With this deep presence, and our unique gifts, we can live out our soul purpose here on earth! : )

With expanded awareness, we can also transcend limiting ways of being and living, and create a harmonious new earth together! We are at this threshold now...
Let us live in an energy field of unconditional love, kindness, trust, ease, appreciation, inspired creativity, heart-based community, and joy! : )

It may be easy to be entrained in the limited thinking and suffering prevalent in much of North American 'modern’ life.  We can see and feel imbalanced thinking and behaviours dominated by ego and mind ‘dis-ease’, encouraging unhealthy patterns of fear, poverty consciousness ('not enoughness'), competition, judgement, domination, control, greed, exploitation of ourselves, others and mother earth, a mindless consumerism, and external approval-seeking through money, things and ‘status’. These patterns of giving power away to 'outside' factors (instead of tuning inside to source) are cultivated often unconsciously, and so are felt in most modern structures (i.e., schools, sports, governments, media, hospitals, wellness ‘businesses’, and most workplaces).  The energetic tone often reflects imbalanced ‘busy’-ness, a pushing/racing ‘not enough’ energy, leading to exhaustion.  The superficiality of modern North American culture can be disheartening to feel, and navigate within - its ‘fantasy’ and mental preoccupations, ‘numbness’ and insensitivity to deeper feelings and awareness, and its challenge to be present and move through trauma into greater awareness, ease, and deeper connection.

In this type of energy imprint, there may be little deep presence, ease and heart connection experienced, and so we must intentionally cultivate this awareness first within ourselves.  Then we can practice it with others, with love, relaxed presence and breath, and listening through heart.  With the power of our intention and daily choices, it is possible to live in this state of graceful awareness and thereby open to our unique heart song!

Personally, I have felt so blessed with the experience of Hawai’i in my life (as well as First Nations /Indigenous Peoples wisdom, and other communities intentionally creating in heart-based, earth-friendly awareness such as Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage).  Hawai’i is a true blessing in my life and in the world, as it reflects heart-centre consciousness on earth and many who live there share the spirit of love, harmony, simplicity, gratitude and joy every day!  They live aloha and reflect a sweet state of reverence and appreciation of all. The ego/mind is surrendered to the heart. This is a very beautiful way of being and connecting. Mahalo nui loa to the beautiful Hawaiian islands, people & culture, for sharing your spirit of aloha and deep wisdom!  You are in my heart always, with deep love and gratitude! xo

Irena Bliss Hoop Tree Sister

Irena Bliss Hoop Joy

Irena Bliss Hoop Peace


On a related note, I have been inspired by Hōkūle‘a (meaning Star of Gladness) a Polynesian voyaging canoe that sailed from Hawai'i across Earth’s oceans to join and grow the global movement toward a more sustainable world. The Mālama Honua Worldwide Voyage began in 2013 with a Mālama Hawaiʻi sail around the islands. Then Hōkūleʻa sailed 60,000 nautical miles over three years, visiting more than 23 countries and territories, and 150 ports, returning home to Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaiʻi on June 17, 2017, with her sister canoe Hikianalia. Amazing! : )

The Hawaiian name for this voyage, Mālama Honua, means “to care for our Island Earth.” Remarkably, the crew members navigated using traditional Polynesian wayfinding that uses stars, winds, waves and other natural cues to navigate effectively (no modern instruments). Truly inspiring! : )

Mahalo nui to all the crew members and supporters who shared in this epic Mālama Honua Worldwide Voyage! And mahalo nui loa to the Hawaiian ancestors who so beautifully demonstrated kindness and compassion to the earth, living sustainably, and demonstrated such inspiring excellence in navigation and exploration!

To learn more visit:
Some inspiring video clips:
Worldwide Voyage Overview -
Worldwide Voyage | 2016 Year in Review-

Talk about inspiring heart songs! : )

When we tune inside, we come to know our own heart song and soul purpose.  Cultivate this inner knowing.  Honour it.  Sing it every day.

I know my heart song - I am here on earth as an uplifter, a ‘bridge’, holding ‘soul space’ and facilitating experiences that allow people to tune inside and come home to the deep presence within, to feel peace, love, and their inner guidance.  As a soul I am inspired by nature, colour, movement, spirituality, artistry, beauty, and heart connection.  I am inspired to live in ways that are in loving harmony and light/no footprint with our mother earth, and to share this experience with others, creating in sustainable, balanced and regenerative ways with the earth and all beings.  

Here is what I happily sing and encourage, from my heart & soul, to yours: 

  • Embrace “I am enough”.   When you feel and know you are ‘enough’, you walk in freedom and alignment with your soul and infinite possibility.
  • Come home to the deeper soul essence of who you are every day.  Be still and simply breathe, or practice a simple meditation on the breath.  I find this type of practice so helpful in quieting the mind and coming home to expanded awareness and peace, love, ease, every day.  Feel your feelings and let them flow through you.  Embrace heart-based being and living.  Use your mind in service of the heart, to focus on thoughts of well-being, love, creativity, connection and expansion through joy!
  • Connect with nature every day, however you can – she will uplift and ground you, and remind you of the sacred interconnectedness of all beings, of which you are a part.  Love, respect and take care of our beautiful mother earth.
  • Seek to walk in balance and beauty and lightness on the earth every day.   Let go of imbalanced patterns of consumerism, exploitation, domination, manipulation, and greed for money and things.  See the legacy of the modern era's imbalance on the earth and oceans, other peoples, and our animal and plant family. Be an earth steward.
  • Open your eyes, ears, mind and heart to infinite possibilities.  Question everything.  Create new realities that resonate with you, in love, joy, and trust.  Find what has true, deep meaning to you and live that fully.  Let go of everything else.
  • Be open to CHANGE.  Embrace the UNKNOWN. Be willing to be ‘uncomfortable’, to SIMPLIFY, to BE DIFFERENT, and let go of the familiar in order to create positive change and upliftment on earth.
  • Be willing to let go, to die every day, to surrender your ego to your deeper presence.  Know you are a divine spark of the Creator, here to live and create new realities in love and joy : )
  • Be LOVE.  Be KIND.  Be GENEROUS.  Be FRIENDLY.  Be ABUNDANCE.  Be JOY.  Be PEACE.  Live ALOHA.  Connect with others through heart.  Every day is a new opportunity to practice this. 
  • Feel the connection to spirit, to the unseen, loving guiding source, every day.  Know you are more than the physical body.  Embrace the miraculous in the every day.

As we align with our deep soul presence, we feel the temporary nature of our physical lives, and can view all of life really as a reflection of consciousness, continually changing and evolving.  Past, present, future, all interweave in the now.  We are connected to all – our ancestors/aumakua, all beings, all things– all ONE source, one spirit.  We are all equal and valuable in the circle.  Know your true essence is unconditional love.  Be here now to sing your unique heart song and expand through love and joy!

What is your heart song friends?  Sing and live it today. 
If you are not yet aware of your heart song or soul purpose, simply practice deep presence and surrender every day (I encourage meditation, or simple relaxation, stillness and relaxed breathing) and ask within, “what does source want to birth through me?”.  And then simply be open to allow the inspiration, the heart song, to flow through you! : )


May you live in peace, balance, love and beauty.
May you sing and share your heart’s delights! : )
Love and aloha, in the chorus,

Irena Bliss Heart Song Hawaii


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I am happy to create 'soul space' for you to let go, open,
tune in, feel, move, delight and play in... love, Irena

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