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Choose EASE...
Irena Bliss... choose ease

“Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.”
(Chinese proverb)

Ease reflects soul alignment... and feels good for our body, mind and emotions. When we choose ease we align with our true nature and
open up to powerful creative forces and guidance from within.
When we feel tension we're often concerned about others' opinions.
Ease brings us back home to our inner tuning and broader soul power.

Choosing ease is revolutionary : ) since we're often conditioned to 'work hard', 'suck it up', and repress our true desires and preferences. Adults can then become used to 'not feeling good', listless, uninspired, 'going through the motions'. When we choose ease we open up to valuing "feeling good" again, and embracing our true nature and unique desires and preferences. We are meant to feel good in life and to expand in joy, not suffering! : )

By choosing ease we align with our broader soul power, and are thus able to access amazing reserves of creative energy, to tune to our inner guidance and inspiration, and move in our own authority. And as we choose ease, we will feel impulses and align with synchronicities that assist our happy expansion : )

This is a very sweet way to live. I encourage you to practice this friends, and simply notice what changes once you begin to choose more ease every day. You will likely be delighted and amazed at the outcomes, and simply feel so much better! Allow yourself to bask in the good feelings that arise - feelings of appreciation, worthiness, clarity, harmony, enthusiasm, joy.
This practice invites us to either 'line up' with our daily choices, or to make better-feeling choices for ourselves. Overall I find choosing ease reaffirms that our source consciousness is a source of well-being and abundance, one that supports our ease-y expansion.

So let's choose ease friends and enjoy the art of sweet soul alignment : )

namaste, Irena

Blissful Fall Leaves



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I am happy to create space for you to let go, sopen, often,
feel, come home, explore, move, delight and play in... love, Irena

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