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Begin Again

I was enjoying a Labyrinth Walk at the Sacred Garden and noticed a stone at the entrance beckoning"Begin Again". This reminded me that we are all in a process of ongoing renewal and beginning again. Over and over we are encouraged to remember who we are, and to rise up to live out our joyous expansion and our dreams!  : )

'Begin Again' also reminds us to 'make hay while the sun shines', that the physical nature of our lifetime encourages us to not delay our dreams but to step into them fully, now! So to begin today, or begin again today...

Labyrinths have been used to illuminate the inner path for thousands of years, and are an ancient practice of "circling to the centre" simply by walking the labyrinth. When we embark on new beginnings we can more easily allow this 'soul alignment' through practices like yoga, meditation, dance, walking in nature, etc., as they help us to clear our body and mind and gain insights. When we come home to this peaceful, inspiring centre, we are able to navigate more easily and gracefully through life.

With 'begin again', I'm also reminded of "Ho'omau", the Hawaiian value of perseverance and persistence. In practicing this value, we become more tenacious and resilient, and therefore, more courageous.
Ho'omau means to perpetuate, and to continue in a way that causes good to be long-lasting. (Definition of Ho'omau from Rosa Say, Managing with Aloha)
What a beautiful concept and way of life!

May we have the courage, persistence & inspiration friends to Begin Again!
aloha, Irena

Sacred Garden Labyrinth



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I am honoured to create space for you to let go, soften,
feel, balance, explore, move, connect and play in... love, Irena

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