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Irena Bliss founder of Bliss Creative & Healing Arts

Welcome and Aloha...
Irena is the creator of
Bliss Creative & Healing Arts and Irena Bliss services, helping you to open, tune in, energize, and come home to body, heart and spirit!

The philosophy of Bliss is simple: by creating space to simply be, breathe, tune in, feel, move and play, we come home to our true nature. This way of being creates more ease, peace, joy, creativity, and well-being, and ripples out into the world around us! Irena is honoured to hold the space which allows people to tune into their guidance, to feel more ease, joy, love and freedom. Read some Bliss client testimonials.

Bliss was created by Irena, simply by following what she loved! : )


She started painting while working as a professional engineer, in order to cultivate her passion for visual creativity and colour. Soon Irena was painting chairs, pots, tables, mirrors, and anything else she could get her hands on : )

She sold her one-of-a-kind painted pieces through various stores and galleries including Arts on King in Toronto. She was also a feature artist on an episode of Citytv's Cityline "Homeday" television show.  Irena expanded her passion for colour by painting on canvas and silk, and has participated in a number of art shows.  Her work is inspired by colourful uplifting imagery and her love of Hawai'i.  Irena has expanded her visual creativity to include Bliss cards, journals, bags, and other creative services such as interior consultation, mural painting and graphic and web design.  She offers design services through her Bliss Design Studio (   Contact Irena directly for more information about her Bliss products (cards, journals, bags, etc).

Bliss Journals, Cards, Bags and more at the Bliss Studio Bliss Journals, Cards, Bags and more at the Bliss Studio

Irena also began practicing yoga and meditation as a means to add balance, ease and flexibility to her life. Her love of these transformative experiences led her to become certified as a Yoga Teacher (Kripalu Center, MA) and Kids Yoga Teacher. She is also influenced by other teachings including yin yoga, flow yoga, ashtanga, restorative yoga, partner yoga, meditation, and more. She also enjoys and studies dance, including conscious movement, expressive dance, ecstatic/tribal dance, 5Rhythms, Dance Movement Therapy (DMT), and Axis Syllabus Dance Research. She is honoured to create the space for insightful, uplifting and playful experiences with yoga, dance, and meditation in private, group, and workplace settings.  Learn more about Bliss Yoga, Meditation, Dance + .


Irena, Yoga, Dance & Meditation Teacher

Irena Bliss


Irena has a strong connection to Hawai'i with many trips to the beautiful islands, and has been blessed to study Hawaiian cultural wisdom and healing arts.

She has studied various Hawaiian healing practices (Lomi, Ha Breath, Ho'oponopono, Laulima) with deeply appreciated Hawaiian teachers (Mahalo Kumu Harry Uhane Jim, Papa Kepelino). These wise teachings invite us to create more joy, well-being and balance from within. As we embrace 'self loving self' and connect to our broader consciousness, we navigate in heartstream, and move beyond limiting patterns to live in our soul vibration of joy, love, trust and inspiration. Irena feels honoured to hold compassionate space to assist others in their opening and transformation.

Irena is also certified in Thai Yoga Massage. Learn more about Bliss Healing/Living Arts.

Irena is also passionate about being an Earth Steward, connecting with nature and living more gently on momma earth. She feels we all share a sacred connection to the earth and all of life. She supports reclaiming 'right relationship' with self, others, and the natural world. Irena is passionate about sustainable and regenerative living initiatives such as permaculture gardening, local organic & biodynamic farming, innovative off-grid and light footprint homes, alternative energy and mobility solutions, and other ways of living more lightly on earth. She is also humbled to learn from wise Indigenous teachers on Turtle Island (Miigwech!), and feels that together we can bridge to the future in balanced and honouring ways!

Please visit "Be an Earth Steward" site and Blog. Irena is happy to learn and share ideas and inspiration to live more gently on mother earth.

I love Momma Earth! 30d Intentions Join Irena in saying "I love Momma", being an Earth Steward, and setting personal 30 day Intentions to live more more.

Irena loves momma earth!

  Aloha- The warm Hawaiian greeting "aloha" has deep meaning: "the presence of the divine is in our breath (ha) and is shared between us". (Mahalo kumu Harry Uhane Jim)
"Inspire" also means "into spirit or breath", and ancient cultures understood the breath as a clear gateway to spirit.
love, Irena


I am deeply honoured to assist you on your journey to greater well-being, peace, joy, balance, and bliss.

love, Irena

Testimonials - Read what Bliss clients have to say

Learn more about Irena Bliss services.

Irena Bliss Irena Bliss Irena Bliss
Irena Bliss Irena Bliss Irena Bliss
Irena Bliss Irena Bliss Irena Bliss

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