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Aloha Bliss 'ohana,
Live Pono...
How can we live in 'right relationship' with ourselves, others, and the earth?
'Pono' is a Hawaiian word with deep cultural and spiritual meaning, reflecting a state of harmony and balance. Read more on living pono.

In this time of change, it's important to root ourselves in who we truly are, to open our hearts and honour our own (and others') feelings, needs and dreams, and to gather together to create and share in celebration! Let's create a new economy based on well-being and heart-based community!
We can dwell together in peace and joy!
"We are the ones that we've been waiting for." (Hopi Elders)

More sharings below supporting your ease and well-being.
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"Live Pono" Blog
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Soothing Hot Ginger Honey Tea Recipe
Dance YOU, Heart Meditation, and other sharings
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May you thrive in peace and joy! Happy holidays!
aloha & namaste, Irena

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Irena Bliss Blog - Live Pono

Irena Bliss Blog - Live Pono


Irena Bliss Blog
Live Pono.

Pono is a Hawaiian word that means "righteousness", and to live pono means to be in right relationship with yourself, with others, and with nature. This word has strong cultural and spiritual connotations, and reflects a state of harmony and balance. It is also the aim of the wise Hoʻoponopono practice – a reconciliation/forgiveness practice in the native Hawaiian culture...

On the North American mainland, I am often saddened to see the values being cultivated and encouraged – ego, greed, selfishness, competition, anger, judgement, blame, scarcity/poverty consciousness, money-seeking and selling as the primary focus of everyday life, power hierarchies that separate and exclude, and exploitation of people and nature...

To live pono requires that we shift our values, so that we begin to cultivate slowing down, simplifying, tuning in, listening, compassion, mindfulness, and true long-term well-being for ourselves, others, and the earth.
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Hot Ginger Honey Tea  from Irena Bliss


Soothing Hot Ginger Honey Tea

In a time of seasonal change, and fluctuating temperature and humidity conditions, we may experience some chest congestion. There are several helpful natural remedies, including a simple hot ginger honey tea:

Peeled organic raw ginger root
1 tablespoon of honey (or to taste)

Add raw peeled ginger pieces to boiling water, and allow to simmer (becomes more flavourful). Stir in honey. Drink tea while it's still hot/warm.
Note: Ginger also provides digestive relief.

Other natural remedies for chest congestion include... read on

Click here to read more recipes.

Tune In... Irena Bliss

Slow down...
Tune in.

When we come home to spaciousness, we know all we need to know.
Tune in and come home to broader, more loving perspectives.

Dance YOU... your dreams, inspiration, joy!  Bliss Dance with Irena

Dance YOU...

Your dreams, your inspiration, your JOY!

It is time to live as quthentically as possible! Let go of all that no longer serves you. Empower yourself with new skills to express in honest, heart-based ways. Only consider inspiring options! : )

Dance in new realities - dance your dreams, your desires, your inspiration, your joy! : ) Feel them as if they are here now! Call in the help you need to dance your expansion! All is available for your perfect aligned unfolding... dance in total trust!


Open Heart... BE the Love.  Irena Bliss





Open Heart... BE the Love.

All people are our brothers and sisters, all beings our companions.

Sit comfortably, close the eyes, relax the belly and breathe easily... allow yourself to meditate on this heart awareness.

Let's create a New Economy based on Well-Being and Community!  by Irena Bliss

Let's create a NEW ECONOMY

based on WELL-BEING and

Release greed, competition, ego, money/status-seeking, and 'selling' as a primary objective, and let’s create a higher vibrating new economy based on true well-being and heart-based community, valuing friendliness, diversity and equality.
Yes we can! : )


Blissing - Listen to and Love the Earth




Listen to (and love) the Earth...

Pay attention to her guidance with the changing seasons. Notice... is she guiding you towards stillness, towards slowing down, and tuning in? Follow her lead to greater ease and well-being.

In the fall and winter months, take steps to cocoon, to rest and reflect, and to nourish the body with warming foods and liquids.

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Bliss Youtube Channel! : )

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Enjoy some practices and other sharings at your leisure...


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May you thrive in peace and joy!  love, Irena Bliss

“At this time we are to take nothing personally, least of all, ourselves.
For the moment that we do,our spiritual growth comes to a halt.
The time of the lone wolf is over.
Gather yourselves!
Banish the word struggle from your attitude and your vocabulary.
All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.
We are the ones that we have been waiting for."

- The Elders, Arizona Hopi Nation

May you dwell in peace and joy.
Happy Holidays!
love, Irena

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