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Aloha Bliss ohana,
Let Go into the Unknown...
Let go of efforting and what feels hard.
Let go and open into the unknown.
In sweet surrender we are guided by the river moving through us
into our alignment and more graceful unfolding.
Simply be with your
experience, and trust in the 'perfect timing' of your inner guidance.

More sharings below supporting your ease, well-being and fulfillment.
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Bliss Painted Artworks + Commissions
Heart of Raw Food Mango Cake : )
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Writing on "The Tyranny of Agreement"
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Plus more sharings below supporting ease, well-being & fulfillment!
Enjoy a happy and playful summer friends! : )
namaste, Irena

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Private Skype Session

This summer, I am happy to offer Skype Sessions for personal meditation, yoga, private guidance, and more.

It is easy to arrange a skype video session together, and the set up simply requires an internet connection and webcam, and payment via Paypal (more instructions provided).

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Bliss Painted Artworks    


Bliss Painted Artworks

Enjoy Bliss Painted Artworks for your home… commissions are available.

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Raw Mango Cake from Heart of Raw Food Recipe Book

Raw Mango Cake from Heart of Raw Food Recipe Book

Raw Mango Cake : )
- from Heart of Raw Food Book

I recently made and shared this delicious, "ono", delicate raw Mango Cake. It received rave reviews : ) The recipe is from the beautiful Heart of Raw Food book.

Please visit www.heartofrawfoodbook.com to learn more and to purchase this treasure. I highly recommend it - it satisfies body, heart and soul! : )

Click here to read more recipes.

Irena Bliss Blog - The Tyranny of Agreement

Irena Bliss Blog

Irena Bliss Blog
The Tyranny of Agreement...

The phrase ‘tyranny of agreement’ came to mind as I reflected on the conditions and expectations people impose on one another in relationships of all kinds – parental, friend, marriage, partner, professional, etc. The expectation for agreement becomes a form of tyranny I feel, restricting true freedom and honest expression. It is imposed often unconsciously, with a false belief that it will bring greater security and peace, through huddling together and agreeing on ‘how things are’. In reality the opposite is true.

If we are to live out the highest vision of unconditional love, peace, and well-being on earth, we must gently release ourselves and each other from the chains of imposed agreement. We must allow ourselves to tune to what feels true and resonant within us, and honour our honest expression. This cultivates “right relationship” and freedom with ourselves and all others.
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Enjoy Stillness... Irena Bliss


We need to s l o w  d o w n and enjoy quiet stillness, with an easy breath, in order to feel the flow of source moving within us.

Most of our culture is moving too fast, working too ‘hard’, doing too much, to be able to feel the river of source moving through them.

When we slow down and relax into quiet stillness, we tune to our inner flow and hear its guidance once again.

Let go of all struggle, of everything that feels ‘hard’, and simply relax into this quiet space. Breathe and simply be with yourself. Allow the inner river to guide you home to greater peace and clarity. Trust there is perfect timing and aligned action inspired by this inner guidance.

Learn the power of silence and stillness.
This is something all indigenous cultures have understood.

Dance Right Relationship... Irena Bliss

Dance of Right Relationship

Before we dance with another, we need to first ground ourselves in right relationship with ourselves:

  • Learn to listen to your own inner guidance.
  • Practice acceptance, forgiveness, and compassion with yourself.
  • Be with your experience and learn from it.
  • Stay in the flow of your life.
  • Honour yourself, your needs & dreams.
  • Express yourself honestly and be able to ask for what you want in life.

Those who know how to dance with you will meet you partway and it will feel 'ease-y'.

If we’re not in right relationship with ourselves first, then our external relationships tend to reflect old wounds and victim/abuser patterns, and we create on-going self-betrayal and violation through relationship. Root in the dance of right relationship with yourself and allow yourself to live and love fully!


Flourish in Joy... Irena Bliss


Create in Joy and Love...

What we create out of love and joy flourishes!

When we create out of our wounds, we may have difficulty building a strong foundation. Don’t despair. With love and awareness we can transmute any darkness into light…and live our full creative potential!

Make this commitment to yourself.


Open Heart to Love without Conditions... Irena Bliss


Open Heart… to Love Without Conditions

We are entering the age of loving without conditions!

Become more aware and let go of patterns of judgement, criticism, blame, and control.

Open your heart to love and accept yourself unconditionally.
Open to total self-responsibility… take total self-responsibility for your healing, your well-being, and your freedom!

Only when we navigate in total self-responsibility can we become completely free, and support the equality and freedom of others.

Let Go into the Unknown... Irena Bliss



Let Go into the Unknown!

When we let go and surrender ‘effort’, we align with the broader consciousness moving through us.

Embrace ‘I don’t know’ and simply be with your experience. This invites a more graceful unfolding...



Let Go into the Unknown... Irena Bliss

Aloha 'aina simply means to love and respect the land and claim stewardship for it.

Malama 'aina means to care for and nurture the land so it can give back to sustain life for ourselves and future generations.



Aloha 'aina!
I kiss the earth with every step...

Consider the land as a living, breathing friend. How would you care for your good friend? How would you watch out for her? How would your attitude or choices be different today?

Slow down to listen to what the earth is telling you. Treat her kindly, gently… as you would like to be treated. What can we do today to honour our mother? Appreciate the great beauty and abundance she shares every day, and give thanks.

The Hawaii state motto is: “Ua Mau ke Ea o ka ʻĀina i ka Pono”, and may be translated as "The life of the land is preserved in righteousness of the people", and also, "The sovereignty of the land is perpetuated in righteousness." It may also be explained as “to do what is right in your life and for the land.” We can live ‘pono’ with our beautiful earth, the ‘aina.

Let’s enjoy and treat the earth well friends!


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May you dwell in peace and beauty.
Happy summer friends! : )

love, Irena

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