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Aloha Bliss circle,

Open Mind, Open Heart... Bridge.

Allow yourself to bridge into broader perspectives and to bridge with others in empathic ways. Seek the points of connection and union, instead of difference and separation. When we open our hearts and minds, we view life with an unconditional lens, and see that all life is one.

Take the time and space to cultivate this 'bridge' within yourself -
to an inner soul space of love, acceptance, ease, joy,
and new creative possibilities!

Allow yourself to live your inspiration... if you have a dream in your heart, provide a receptive, fertile field for it to root and grow in. Breathe life into your dream... feel it as possible in the now, and feel yourself as worthy of receiving! Be willing to share your gift in the world, and trust that you are enough, here and now. Allow yourself to bridge into new creative waters!

Mother Winter ahead also reminds us to take time to rest and cocoon, and to open into the unknown. When we step into the unknown, we allow new creative possibilities to arise within. Give yourself the space to rest, and to evolve new life within you.

Bridge into soul space...
Share this love and kindness with yourself, and also with others.

I am happy to be a bridge to support your empowering inner journey...
Some Bliss offerings to guide you into soulful waters:

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Hawaiian Healing Sessions
Mother Winter - An Earth Love Reflection
Blissing - Know Your Energy Audio

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May you expand your awareness, and dwell in self-love and joy.
From the light in me to the light in you...
love and namaste, Irena

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Listen to "Know Your Energy" Blissing

Allow yourself to come to a quiet spot, comfortably seated with your spine long and supported. Relax your shoulders down and soften your belly.
Feel your breath moving in and out with ease.

Irena Bliss Tree Dancer

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Now reflect on the energy you bring into the world today...
Every day we can become aware of the energy we embody and share in the world. This is an empowering and liberating practice!

Cultivate a daily practice that ascends your energy, and aligns with source. Our source vibration, has a tone of ease, harmony, love, connection and well-being. I like to enjoy a daily practice of meditation, breath awareness, movement, and time outside in nature. Mother Earth always holds the beautiful high vibration of source, and helps us to replenish, restore and uplift our energy, and reminds us who we truly are.

I encourage this practice at the beginning of the day, to 'pre-pave' your day using the power of your intention to align with source more fully, and experience an energy field that feels more 'flowing', buoyant, healthy, creative, resilient, and positive. We can consider 'source' as: consciousness, spirit, soul, god, quantum unified field, etc., however you prefer to view this connection that moves through us and all life.

Happy tuning and allow yourself to expand your awareness of the energy you embody (and emit : ) every day. Enjoy your practice!

namaste and aloha, Irena



Mother Earth Winter Peace


Enjoy Mother Earth Beauty


Winter Wisdom
- An Earth Love Reflection

Mother Winter reminds us to take time to rest and cocoon, and to open into the unknown. When we step into the unknown, we allow new creative possibilities to arise within. Give yourself the space to rest, and to evolve new life within you.

Believe in your gifts and soul purpose.
Cultivate a field of belief: "Yes I can" and "I Am", and live your dreams! : )
Allow yourself to align with those who are naturally receptive to, and interested in your dreams. Just like in winter, the seeds of new life are found within. Believe anything is possible. This is a renaissance / rebirth time on Mother Earth, so step into your power and co-create in joy! : )

Live Aloha ʻĀina, Mālama ʻĀina
- love and take care of the Earth.
Also wherever you are, take time to connect with Mother Earth every day - simply touch a tree, feel the earth beneath you, breathe in the air, feel the wind, sun, or snow on your face... feel and connect with the Mother and give thanks. In any setting - urban or natural, we can feel a space of union with the Earth. We are not separate, we are a part of her, and a reflection of her. Show her love and gratitude. Thank her for the nourishment and replenishment she abundantly provides every day. Thank you, mahalo, miigwech!


Irena Bliss Youtube Channel

Bliss Youtube Channel! : )

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Irena Bliss Autumn Beauty... Open Mind, Open Heart, Bridge

May you dive deep into the unknown and unearth
greater well-being, joy, peace and love.

"Momoe aku I mua."
(Move ahead with determination.)
Hawaiian ‘Ölelo No‘eau

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