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Aloha Bliss circle,

Follow your Heart...
This summer was a potent reminder for me,
reflecting how when I let go and follow my heart,
all sorts of delights cross my path! : )
It can take courage for us to let go and step into the unknown,
and yet in this space we are met with grace and joyful unfoldings.

Follow your heart inspiration, and enjoy an
abundant harvest and joyful thriving!

Sharing offerings supporting expanded awareness, well-being & ease:

Abundant Nature Meditation
Follow your Heart & Allow Your Freedom Blissing
Private Sessions
some Healthy Recipes

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Very little grows on jagged rock.
Be ground. Be crumbled,
so wildflowers will come up
where you are.

love and namaste, Irena


Niagara Peach trees

Feel and open to this

I AM love...
I AM infinite abundance...

I have everything I need.

Thank you Mother Earth
for the loving abundance,
that I gratefully receive


Irena Bliss Tree peace



Paw Paw Tree beauty








Abundant Nature Meditation

Mother Earth so beautifully reminds us of the interconnectedness of all life, and the abundant source consciousness that moves through us and all things.
In her presence, we feel and know that well-being is dominant, and that well-being also seeks to express itself through us, to the extent that we allow! : )

Nature helps us to open to this infinite abundance, and expand our awareness, gratefulness, humility, and capacity to receive. Allow yourself to tune to your natural state of well-being, and open to greater peace and ease.

Every day, go outside to nature, a green space, and enjoy a 'walking or sitting' meditation:

  • Breathe deeply... allow yourself to soften shoulders and belly as you exhale. Feel yourself relax into Mother Earth.
  • Allow each step to be mindful, and be aware of the beauty and grace that surrounds you. Drink in all the nourishing sights and sounds, with all of your senses - breathe in the fresh air, the cleansing wind, feel the warmth of the sun, the expanse of the sky, hear the sounds of the birds, waters, and all life that surrounds you, drink in the beauty and colours of the flowers and plants, feel the rooted strength of the trees, and if possible, place your bare feet and hands on the Mother. Feel the nourishment coursing through you.
  • Feel yourself a sacred part of the circle of life... feel the interconnectedness of all things. Know you, and all life, are valued and important in the circle. Allow peace and beauty to flow through you with every breath, and on the exhale, feel yourself releasing all that no longer serves you, down into Mother Earth.
  • Allow yourself to dwell in humility, awe and wonder. Allow your mind to become still, humble, open. Thank you Mother Earth for transmuting any tension or suffering, and for nourishing my body and mind with your loving abundance, peace and beauty. You provide everything I need.
  • Give thanks to your precious body and the gift of this day - today is another opportunity to be fully alive and present. Appreciate your body as a beautiful sensing/feeling/moving temple, a good honest friend, and a beautiful home for your soul!
  • What else are you grateful for today? As you walk or perhaps sit in a quiet place, allow yourself to count your blessings. As we reflect, we begin to realize all of the amazing abundance that flows to us every day - simple things that support our ease, well-being and thriving!
    Today, I appreciate and am thankful for: my breath, my body and its fluid ability to move (walk, cycle, blade, dance, do yoga and more : ), beautiful nature around me, nourishing foods, fresh clean water, opportunities to love, learn, create, and laugh! : )
    Giving thanks tunes us to our natural state of well-being and abundance. You may perhaps wish to also journal this as, "Today I am so happy and grateful for...".

Continue walking, sitting and basking in nature as long as you like! : ) You will likely find that you return home with a renewed sense of peace, 'spaciousness', energy, humility, and contentment, feeling all is well in the now.

Meditation is a powerful gateway to expanded awareness, insight, peace, and well-being. Even a 10min daily practice can be very beneficial, and a helpful 'reset'. Consider going outside every day to enjoy this 'walking meditation'.


Read Blissing - Follow your Heart and Allow your Freedom



Irena B sunset EH







"Follow your Heart &
Allow Your Own Freedom" Blissing

Follow your heart inspiration every day, and enjoy an abundant harvest of joyful thriving! Inspiration comes from the root, ‘in spirit’, and I feel the heart is the home of our spirit or soul.  We can call this 'source consciousness', spirit, soul, inner guidance, god, one light - whatever word resonates.

Find a way day by day, moment by moment, to be in alignment with who you are.

And in this space of soulful flow, you may shift how you relate and engage with others – to become more present and unconditionally loving, joyful and ‘enough’ in the now. 

It is important that we also learn not to give ourselves away or give ourselves up to others in relationship, as this never fills up anyone else anyway, and we each have our own connection to infinite source, within us.

We may also begin to better recognize when a relationship or setting no longer resonates or ‘fits’ us, especially if we’re unable to shift into a truthful, ease-y, aligned way of being when we’re there.  We may instead find that we’re consistently feeling more ‘drained’, repressed, annoyed, or guilty.  Know that this awareness is okay and give yourself permission to then change your circumstances – you may need to perhaps leave a relationship (family, friend, colleague) or a particular setting, or lessen your focus, time or availability to it.

Honour your own alignment as the primary focus, and trust that this will serve the highest good for all! Free yourself from what others may ‘want’ or think about you (good or bad : ), and allow yourself to act from a place of inspiration and joy!

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Bliss Private Sessions

Private Sessions

Irena Bliss uses an intuitive, grounded and energetic approach to help you tune in, release, create clarity, and expand into a more authentic fulfilling life!

I am happy to offer Private/Skype sessions for clients seeking personal expansion and development. The focus is on expansion in ease, peace, and joy!

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Private Guidance Sessions with Irena Bliss

Raw Chocolate Avocado Mousse


Healthy Recipes...

Enjoy some healthy, simple recipes that are also delicious, like Raw Chocolate Avocado Mousse! : )

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Enjoy nourishing your beautiful body with the foods that resonate!

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Irena Bliss Sept Oct Bliss Buzzz...follow your heart


May you open your heart and enjoy
an abundant fall harvest, both inside and out!

namaste & aloha, Irena

“Love is the poetry of the senses."
Honore de Balzac

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