2018 Bliss Buzzz... let go

Aloha Bliss circle,

Bask in the light of all that you love and naturally enlivens you...
'Re-source', and also let go of that which no longer serves you.

Join me for some rejuvenating fun this spring : )
'soul space' that supports your peace and well-being:

Weekly Gentle Yoga + Meditation Classes (Mon)
Bliss Guided Meditation (Wed)
Earth Day Awareness (Sun April 22)
Bliss Eye Yoga Workshop (May 5)
Bliss Dance (May 12)
Hawaiian Healing Session
Private Yoga + Sessions
Thai Yoga Massage

Spring reminds us to renew
and begin again...

Begin Again...

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love and namaste, Irena

Bliss Yoga + Meditation with Irena


Bliss Gentle Yoga & Meditation
Weekly Classes

Enjoy gentle yoga plus guided meditation.
No experience necessary.
Beginners and all levels welcome.
Please bring your own mat and wear comfortable clothing.

When: 10-11 am Mondays
Niagara-on-the-Lake Community Centre, Studio Rm, 14 Anderson Lane, NOTL


$12 drop in fee per class
5 Class Bliss Pass $50 ($10/class)
10 Class Bliss Pass $90 ($9/class)
Please email Irena
or call (landline) 289 646-1515 for more details.



Bliss Eye Yoga Workshp May 5

Download pdf flyer


Bliss Eye Yoga Workshop

Let’s show our eyes some love! EyeLove

Enjoy a rejuvenating practice that helps to support our natural vision. Our eyes are one of the most sophisticated sense organs in our bodies, allowing us to see an amazing world of colour, movement & space! : ) Modern life can impose a great burden on our eyes, and so with awareness we can better support our natural vision and eye well-being.

Workshop details: Download pdf flyer

Enjoy a rejuvenating journey of:

  • breathwork/meditation,
  • palming / focusing / defocusing / intentional movement practices for the eyes,
  • restorative yoga asanas and deep relaxation.

No experience is necessary. All are welcome.
Please wear comfortable clothing, and bring along your own yoga mat (if you have o
Note: Please remove glasses/contact lenses for this workshop.

When: 2-3:15 pm Saturday May 5
MYOM Yoga Studio, 7 James St., St. Catharines
Cost: $15

To pre-register: Please email Irena or
call 289 646-1515 (landline) to register and for more information (or contact MYOM Yoga Studio).


Bliss Dance May 12

Download pdf flyer



Bliss Dance

A 'moving meditation' to free your body, mind and spirit! : )
Enjoy a free-form conscious dance supporting expanded awareness, ease, fun, and community! : )
All are welcome. No experience necessary.
The invitation this month:
Honouring & nurturing the feminine within
(on Mother's Day weekend).
The session will include some guided movement explorations as well as a free-form dance wave.

Please wear comfortable clothing, dance barefoot if possible, and bring along a reusable drinking water container. We are all born dancers : )

When: 11am - noon, Saturday May 12
NOTL Community Centre, Studio Rm, 14 Anderson Lane, NOTL
Download pdf flyer.

Please email Irena or call (landline) 289 646-1515 for more details.


Bliss Guided Meditation with Irena Bliss

Enjoy this simple
and powerful practice.
Come home to...


Bliss Guided Meditation

Enjoy a guided meditation practice. These sessions include simple seated meditations as well as a lying down guided relaxation meditation. Meditation is a powerful gateway to expanded awareness, insight, peace, and well-being. No experience is necessary. Please wear comfortable clothing as we sit on the floor (cushions provided).

When: 7-8:15pm Wednesday - As announced

Cost: $15
Location: Niagara-on-the-Lake
(Location details to be provided. Near Mary St & Mississaugua St intersection.)

To sign-up:
Email Irena or call (landline) 289 646-1515 for more details and to reserve your spot.




Earth Day free info session NOTL CC Sat Apr 21 2018


Love Momma Earth... Be an Earth Steward

Carry your Cup 30d Challenge

Some inspiring news -

Chief Oren Lyons Speaks on
"Profit and Loss"
- 7 generation perspective and this time of cooperation.
Indigenous worldviews, values and sacred places strengthen the Earth’s cultural & biodiversity (traditional Indigenous lands currently hold 80% of the Earth’s biodiversity).

Spotlight TEDx Talk:
Why I Live a Zero Waste Life
: http://bit.ly/2F6nktw
& Youtube video
Lauren Singer tells her personal story about why she decided to live a plastic free life, and eventually a zero waste life. She includes several tips on how the use of plastic can be eradicated.

Also check out Lauren Singer’s
Youtube Channel
for videos on Zero Waste alternatives/DIYs -

eg., how to make earth-friendly household cleaner, body lotion, deodorant, toothpaste + more! : )

Learn more at “Trash is for Tossers”: http://trashisfortossers.com/
#GiveAShit : )





EARTH DAY Awareness

Earth Day 2018
Sun April 22nd

This year's Earth Day theme is: #EndPlasticPollution
#plasticless #lessplastic

Pledge to go #plasticless #plasticfree
For example, commit to using a reusable (non-plastic) drinking container and reusable shopping/food bags to help eliminate single use cups, lids/straws, plastic bottles & plastic bags.

Download Earth Day Network’s Plastic Pollution Plan and Tracker.

Check out their Plastic Pollution Primer and Action Toolkit.
Learn more about the 5Rs - Reduce, Refuse, Reuse, Recycle, Remove
and create a Personal Plastic Reduction Plan:
1. Reduce your consumption of plastics.
2. Properly recycle the plastic you use.
3. Remove plastic that is already in the environment.

Pledge to Carry your own Cup' (stainless steel or glass drinking container) for the next 30 days to help eliminate single-use disposable paper/plastic cups and plastic bottles. I use a double-jacketed ss container for the last 8 yrs that's great for cold and hot liquids!

We can simplify our lives and choose lighter footprint options every day. Let's take care of Mother Earth and let every day be 'Earth Day'! : )

Explore some lighter footprint living options: Read about my own explorations in Being An Earth Steward Blog.

Together we can make a bigger difference!
Thank you.

Iceland supermarket commits to go plastic free in five years.
(Jan 2018)
In 2011, the University of Toronto joined other Canadian universities such as Ryerson, Ottawa, Concordia, Winnipeg, Queen’s, and Trent as a water bottle free campus. https://ueat.utoronto.ca/why-ban-the-bottle/

Let’s Break Free from Plastic
The quest of one man to contribute to End Plastic Pollution and his personal journey. Read the story about Stiv Wilson and Let’s Break Free From Plastic.

Check your local community for spring clean-up efforts...

St Catharines - Pitch-In Day Spring Clean City Clean Up
Saturday, April 21, 9 am to noon
Rain or shine

Learn more at www.stcatharines.ca/PitchInDay








Hawaiian Healing Session

Hawaiian Ha Breath Healing

Experience the powerful wisdom and healing grace of a Hawaiian Ha Breath session. With the power of intention and the use of the breath, a Ha Breath session allows you to evolve, transform, raise vibration, and release blocks and baggage, to create greater clarity, freedom, joy, and ease!
Irena guides you in this 'safe space' and nurturing, powerful experience.
Click here to learn more.
Read some client testimonials.

Email Irena or call (landline) 289 646-1515 for more information and to book a session.


Bliss Thai Massage 

Bliss Thai Yoga Massage

Treat yourself...
This therapeutic and relaxing massage involves static and rhythmic pressures, and a variety of yoga-like poss. Throughout the treatment, targeted acupressure is used to replenish energy stores, open the body, and create a deep state of relaxation.

Learn more >

Email Irena or call (landline) 289 646-1515
to book your Thai Massage session.

Irena is certified in Thai Yoga Massage.
Please note: Women clients only.


Bliss Private Sessions


Private Guidance Sessions

Irena uses an intuitive and energetic approach to help you tune in, release, create clarity, and expand into a more authentic fulfilling life!
Read some client testimonials.

Email Irena or call (landline) 289 646-1515 /
416 594-0004 to book a private session.

Private Guidance Sessions with Irena Bliss


Bliss Private Yoga plus session with Irena


Private Yoga / Meditation / Movement / Energy Sessions

I am happy to offer Private (in-person) and Skype sessions for clients seeking more personal attention and development in: yoga, meditation, conscious dance, natural movement pathways, and energy awareness. The focus is on long-term sustainable solutions, supporting fluidity, ease, peace, and happiness! : )

Please email Irena or call (landline) 289 646-1515 / 416 594-0004 to arrange a private session.


Irena Bliss Youtube Channel

Bliss Youtube Channel! : )

Visit the Bliss Youtube Channel...
Enjoy some practices and other sharings at your leisure...


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May you enjoy 'emptying out' and also filling up your cup!
 : )
namaste & aloha, Irena

“Live life as if everything is rigged in your favour.”  Rumi

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