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Aloha Bliss family,'ohana,

Let us gather ourselves together.
Gather your gifts, your wisdom, your inspiration
and share them with the world!
love in action!

I am happy to hold 'soul space' to support well-being
and bliss (activation of soul purpose
: )

Weekly Gentle Yoga + Meditation Class
Bliss Dance Workshop (Feb 24)
Bliss Energy Workshop (Mar 17)
Bliss Guided Meditation
Hawaiian Healing Sessions
Private Guidance Sessions
Thai Yoga Massage
Private Yoga/Movement Classes
Read Blissing: "Relationship"

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love and namaste, Irena

Bliss Yoga + Meditation with Irena

Bliss Gentle Yoga & Meditation
Weekly Classes

Enjoy gentle yoga plus guided meditation.
No experience necessary.
Beginners and all levels welcome.
Please bring your own mat and wear comfortable clothing.

When: 10-11 am Mondays
Niagara-on-the-Lake Community Centre, 14 Anderson Lane, NOTL


$12 drop in fee per class
5 Class Bliss Pass $50 ($10/class)
10 Class Bliss Pass $90 ($9/class)
Please email Irena
or call 289 646-1515
(or 416 594-0004) for more details.


Bliss Workshops

Bliss Dance Bliss Energy Workshop

Download pdf flyer.


On the threshold
of spring...

Bliss Energy Workshop
Details: Download pdf flyer.

Bliss Energy Workshop

Bliss Dance

A journey of conscious dance to open and free your body, mind and spirit! : )
May include: an invitation/theme, guided movement explorations, meditation, and a dance wave!
Please wear comfortable clothing, dance barefoot if possible, and bring along a reusable drinking water container. No experience necessary. We are all born dancers : ) All welcome!

When: 10:30 -11:30 am
Saturday Feb 24, 2018

Niagara-on-the-Lake Community Centre, 14 Anderson Lane, NOTL
Download pdf flyer.
Free / Intro session
Please email Irena or call 289 646-1515
(or 416 594-0004) for more details.

Bliss Energy Workshop
When: 10am - noon
Saturday March 17, 2018

Optimal Wellness Niagara,
OWN Studio, 26 Hiscott St. St. Catharines

Enjoy a soul journey of guided meditation, intuitive art, gentle movement, journaling, and energy insights to free your body, mind and spirit! : ) It is time to energize and be your unique light in the world!
No experience is necessary. All are welcome.
Please wear comfortable clothing and bring along a journal/pen and reusable drinking water container.
Light refreshments provided.
Details: Download pdf flyer.

To register:
Please email Irena or call 289 646-1515
(or 416 594-0004) for more details.


Bliss Guided Meditation with Irena Bliss

Enjoy this simple
and powerful practice.
Come home to...


Bliss Guided Meditation

Enjoy a guided meditation practice. These sessions include simple seated meditations as well as a lying down guided relaxation meditation. Meditation is a powerful gateway to expanded awareness, peace, well-being, and spiritual insights. No experience is necessary. Please wear comfortable clothing as we sit on the floor (cushions provided).

When: 7-8:15pm
Revised to Wednesdays

Location: Niagara-on-the-Lake
(Location details to be provided. Near Mary St & Mississauga St intersection.)

To sign-up:
Email Irena or call 289 646-1515 for more details.



Bliss Private Sessions


Private Guidance Sessions

Irena uses an intuitive and practical energetic approach to help you tune in, release, create clarity, and expand into a more fulfilling life!
Read some client testimonials.

Email Irena or call 289 646-1515 (or 416 594-0004) to book a private session.

Private Guidance Sessions with Irena Bliss


Hawaiian Ha Breath Healing Session

Hawaiian Ha Breath Healing
experience a high vibration transformation...

Experience the powerful wisdom and healing grace of a Hawaiian Ha Breath session. With the power of intention and the use of the breath, a Ha Breath session allows you to evolve consciousness, raise your vibration, and release blocks and baggage, to create greater clarity, freedom, joy, and ease!
Irena guides you in this 'safe space' and nurturing, empowering experience.
Click here to learn more.
Read some client testimonials.

Email Irena or call 289 646-1515 (or 416 594-0004) for more information and to book a session.
Please note:
women clients only.


Bliss Thai Massage 

Bliss Thai Yoga Massage

Treat yourself...
This therapeutic and relaxing massage involves static and rhythmic pressures, and a variety of yoga-like poss. Throughout the treatment, targeted acupressure is used to replenish energy stores, open the body, and create a deep state of relaxation.

Learn more >

Email Irena or call 289 646-1515
(or 416 594-0004) to book your Thai Massage session.

Irena is certified in Thai Yoga Massage.
Please note: Women clients only.


Bliss Private Movement, Yoga, Dance Classes with Irena


Private Yoga / Meditation / Dance / Movement Classes

I am happy to offer Private (in-person) and Skype sessions for clients seeking more personal attention and development in: yoga, meditation, self-awareness, conscious dance, and natural movement pathways. The focus is on long-term sustainable solutions, supporting fluidity, ease, peace, and happiness! : )

Please email Irena or call 289 646-1515
(or 416 594-0004) to arrange a private session.



Blissing... Relationship



Blissing - Relationship

Relationship... with self,
with others, and with all life.

We all deserve and need to live in ways that feel natural, like 'home'. Our true home or essence is LOVE! Love is the renewable energy that moves through us and all life! It is vital that we nurture this relationship with ourselves first. Then we are better able to share this loving energy outward, with others. In this field of love, all are equal and valuable.

Every day, practice self-love and appreciation to tune to the vibration of source/spirit. which is truly the most important relationship we have in life! : ) When we align with our spirit, we dwell in a space of love, honesty, harmony and appreciation, and then relate more easily with others in loving, unconditional ways. Practice nurturing self-care to maintain your own beautiful light and energy. And release all patterns of negotiating, explaining or defending yourself in relationship (all energy drains).

Allow yourself to flow to your soul 'home' every day, and enjoy heart-based connections, moment by moment. As we cultivate a loving relationship with ourselves, we build our capacity to meet others in this heart space of peace, compassion, honesty, humility, respect, love and trust.

Notice where you feel energized and inspired, and take the time to clear any embodied negative energies (I like to use practices such as relaxation, the breath, meditation, yoga/dance, time in nature, etc). Stay open-minded and open-hearted on this journey.

There may be those with whom we engage - in family, work, old friends, etc., with whom we may no longer feel aligned, understood, at ease with - this is often due to a significant vibrational variance.
Read on>

Irena Bliss Youtube Channel

Bliss Youtube Channel! : )

Visit the Bliss Youtube Channel...
Enjoy some practices and other sharings at your leisure...


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Irena Bliss Dance

May you feel 'home' and share your gifts as love in action!
Know you deserve to thrive in joy and love in community.
namaste & aloha, Irena

Put your attention on what you love, what inspires, what calls you
into a greater expression of love and joy on Earth! : )
(and pay less attention to everything else : )

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